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Flat Roofing or Low Slope Roofing requires a unique application. You can find buildings that need flat roofing work in both residential and commercial roofing jobs. EDCA is proud to offer three different applications for these low slope roofing situations: TPO, PVC, or Torch down roofing. We have decades of experience and always stand behind our quality application techniques.  
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Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) is a single-ply roofing membrane. It's a  great choice because it reflects heat and is energy efficient. TPO is made up of a rubber material- and is commonly used on commercial and industrial buildings. It is essential to have an experienced team installing this thick rubber coating to your roof---getting the roof applied correctly makes all of the difference.

PVC is a durable choice for your flat roof. Also called vinyl roofing it utilizes the same PVC material that you see in piping and such. In this flexible form though, it  provides excellent protection to your building.  Preventing leaks, punctures, and heat degradation.

​Used mainly for flat roofs, torch down roofing provides a quality means of preventing moisture build-up on your roof. This type of roofing does not need regular maintenance. For all three flat roofing types EDCA is available to help you make the best decision and give you a professional install and leave you with a cost-effective flat roof.
We aim to exceed your customer service expectations and are always looking tailor our roofing process to your greatest needs. Don't be afraid to ask any questions- we are here to help. EDCA Roofing has decades of experience with commercial and residential flat roofing in Bellevue and Eastside areas. We're a fully licensed, bonded and insured company 1000s of satisfied customers. 

If you want to see flat roofing Everett residents use and recommend, then call us at 425-869-0845 to schedule your estimate. Let's get started on your new roofing project today!

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