Is it time to upgrade your roof?

Before and after a roof replacement

Sometimes it’s hard to know when to replace your roof. Waiting until you see damage can be an expensive delay in action. However, there are many reasons to give your roof an upgrade or to replace it. Here are a few questions to ask yourself: Is your current roof old? It may be time to…

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A Checklist for Roof Maintenance in Spring

Roofing job by EDCA Roofing

Winter can be harsh on your roof. Temperature fluctuations, loose branches, and debris are just a few of the damages during a bad winter. Because of this, it’s essential to inspect your roof each spring. Checking your roof after a heavy winter is extremely important for extending its lifespan and saving you money in the…

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Why You May Need a Roof Inspection

Photo of a new roof by EDCA Roofing

Any building or homeowner would benefit from a roof inspection. Whether your roof is flat or sloped, you should check on its performance every year. In some cases, periodic roof inspections may even be a requirement of your material warranty. The benefits of a roof inspection There’s no obvious way to see your roof, unlike…

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Why you shouldn’t trust the lowest bidder for your roofing project

Photo of a house

Many homeowners and businesses will compare bids for a roofing project and choose the lowest bid. Why is the lowest bidder not the best bet? Here are a few things to consider when reviewing quotes for your roofing project. Why Shouldn’t The Lowest Bid Be The Best? Low bids aren’t necessarily bad or good. A…

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Don’t hire a handyman to fix your roof

Photo of home needing roofing

It’s easy to look for a quick fix when faced with a leaky roof. No offense to your neighborhood handyman, but a roof repair requires a true roofing expert. Handymen are a great resource for many household tasks. They are great at performing small repairs around your home. So, why not hire a handyman to…

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Winterizing your roof checklist from EDCA Roofing

House with a snow covered roof

As winter approaches, it’s time to think about how you can prepare your home so that your family is safe and comfortable. This includes winterizing your roof. Take advantage of this time leading up to winter to inspect your roofing system and make sure it will withstand the high winds, heavy rain, and sometimes freezing…

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