Don’t hire a handyman to fix your roof

Photo of home needing roofing

It’s easy to look for a quick fix when faced with a leaky roof. No offense to your neighborhood handyman, but a roof repair requires a true roofing expert. Handymen are a great resource for many household tasks. They are great at performing small repairs around your home. So, why not hire a handyman to fix your roof?

Roofing contractors are experts in roofing

Professional roofing contractors are experts in the field and know how to repair all types of roofs. They have thousands of hours in the field, and that kind of experience is critical to an efficient and effective repair. In the event you need your insurance company to reimburse you for repairs, they may not recognize a handyman as a valid service provider for your fix. It’s best to check first.

Roofing contractors have all the required state and local licenses

Depending on local ordinances, your handyman may not be a licensed roofing contractor. They may also not be bonded or insured. Suppose you hire that handyman to fix your roof, and he gets injured on your property. Whose insurance will be liable? It’s yours.

Roofing contractors also have worker’s compensation and general liability insurance. This is important in the unlikely case that someone is injured while working on your building.

Your roof may need a full replacement

It might make sense to repair a brand new roof. However, if the damage is severe, or if the roof is nearing its life expectancy, you may need to replace it. By starting your roofing repair project with a roofing company, you know that you are not just relying on a temporary fix from a handyman.

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