What Questions Should I Ask My Roofer?

Do you know what to ask before meeting with a roofing contractor? A professional roofing contractor, like EDCA Roofing, will seek to answer all of your questions before progressing on your roof replacement. All property owners have questions, but what are the best questions to ask?

Here are four very important topics you should address with your roofing professional:

1. Does Your Roofer Have General Liability Insurance?

This is an important question for any property owner. They should provide those certificates to you if you ask for them. This ensures that should any property be damaged, it is insured by the roofer and will not affect your homeowner’s policy. EDCA Roofing does provide a copy of our license and certificate of insurance.

2. Does Your Roofer Have Proper Licensing?

Every county and state has different licensing requirements for contractors. Be sure and ask for licensing information. You can view our General Contracting license in Washington State here.

3. How Long Has Your Roofer Been in Business?

Many roofing companies go out of business or change license in the first five years of business even though they have provided a 10-20 year or lifetime warranty on their labor. EDCA Roofing has been in business with the same license since 1988.

4. Does your roofer have the experience most needed for your type of roof?

It is important to verify that any roofing company has the right experience for the type of roof needed. EDCA Roofing has many years of experience not only on steep roofs but also flat roofs. Our flat roof options include TPO, PVC, and torch down.

More Questions to Ask Your Roofer

In addition to the two most important questions above, you may also want to ask your roofer these questions:

  • Does this project need a building permit? Did you include those costs?
  • How long will my project take?
  • How will you protect my landscaping?
  • How much plywood sheathing is included in this bid?
  • What is the change order process?
  • Who will be my point of contact during the job?
  • Will the job site be cleaned up every day?
  • What material warranties will be included?
  • Do you have workmanship guarantees?
  • What’s the best-selling roof for my area?
  • Have you worked within my HOA before?
  • Do you offer in-house financing?
  • Do you work with insurance claims?

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