Preparing for a Roof Replacement

View of rooftops

A new roof will enhance the value of your home and protect it for years to come. Most of the work will be done by a responsible roofing company, including preparing your old roof for removal and cleaning up afterward. Follow these tips to make your roof replacement as smooth as possible.

Preparing outside your home

Roofers will likely walk in your yard while they work. Removing your old roof will also remove old shingles, nails, and debris. A dumpster will be parked on your property for debris removal. To collect debris, tarps can be used. These are good practices for prepping your yard:

  • Make sure your driveway and garage are clear of vehicles
  • Patio furniture and toys that need to be cleared
  • The garden needs to be cleared
  • Protect or mark plants
  • Sprinklers need to be marked
  • Make sure your gates are unlocked
  • Make sure your grass is cut
  • Pet waste should be picked up
  • Make sure your outside electrical outlets are working
  • Inform your neighbors about the pending construction

Preparing inside your home

You won’t have roofers inside your home, so why do you need to prepare for their arrival? Installing a new roof in a building can vibrate the whole structure. Changing roof shingles involves nailing directly into the home’s structure. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Clear the attic
  • Protect the attic
  • Protect the garage
  • Secure your windows
  • Secure or remove wall décor
  • Protect fragile items

Preparing kids and pets

Changing roof shingles can be a long and noisy process. Generally, a new roof installation takes two or more days, depending on the size.
No matter how long your roof replacement takes, it can be disruptive to your children and pets. To prepare, follow these steps:

  • Pets should be kept indoors
  • Make sure pets are comforted
  • Small children (babies and toddlers) might benefit from sheltering elsewhere (relatives, friends) because nap schedules will be disrupted.
  • Keep kids indoors and inform them about debris

Once the roof has been replaced

After the roof has been replaced and the site is cleaned up, expect the following:

  • To ensure you’re satisfied with their workmanship, the roofing team should acquaint you with the new roof. Then, after they leave, you should feel comfortable calling them about questions you might have.
  • There may be stray debris in your yard or driveway, so double-check the area before letting pets or children roam freely.
  • Check items in your attic and rehang any decor you removed during the installation.
  • Remove any marking you placed on outside plants, sprinklers, or plants.
  • Then, put your outdoor furniture back in place.
  • Enjoy the comfort of knowing your home is protected with a new roof.

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